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Adventures in CUDA Path Tracing: Part 2

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CUDA path tracing

This is really just teaser post for my next update. I’ve not done much on traversal yet (hence the world of spheres), but I’ve made some progress on shading. Here’s a screenshot of a pure CUDA renderer left for 20 seconds or so to get a nice smooth result:

CUDA Path Tracing

This scene contains a few BSDFs:

  • Lambertian (the cyan, magenta and “wall” spheres)
  • Perfect specular (the mirror sphere)
  • Fresnel dielectric (the glass sphere)
  • Blinn microfacet (the “floor” sphere)

Everything uses importance sampling to reduce variance, which lets caustics converge quite quickly even on glossy surfaces like the one shown here. I’m preparing a post to go into more details of the rendering algorithm, which is a type of path tracing that I think works quite well on the GPU…